Stretch & Relax

Stretch & Relax

Stretch & Relax
  • Pilates Stretch and Relax

  • March 19 - Stretch It Out

    Take 10 minutes out of your day to stretch it out with me

  • Move and Relax

    Replay 5.5.21

    Prenatal & Postnatal Friendly*

    Join me as we go through 45 minutes of dynamic Pilates movement on the mat finished off with a bit of relaxation that will leave you feeling great!

    Working: back, posture, glutes, core, legs, shoulders, lower body, upper body.

    *I filmed this class...

  • 10min Challenge - Day 15 - Stretch

    This set of stretches are really lovely to wind down and end your day with, so a perfect way to end our challenge! 

  • 10min challenge - Day 10 - Stretch

    I love a good stretch after week of hard work! So let's get to it! Nothing fancy needed, you can do it in your pjs if you like!

  • 10min Challenge - Day 5 - Stretch

    10min Challenge - Day 5 - Stretch

    To finish off the first week in the best way we'll be taking 10 minutes to stretch and relax. It can be easy to skip the workouts that don't feel challenging but keeping your body flexible by staying mobile and stretching everything out is SO good for you! So cl...

  • Better Back Series Pt 5- Stretch It Out

    For the final part of the Better Back Series we are going to be stretching it out. This 10 minute routine is designed to fit into your day you need to move and feel freer and more relaxed or be added on to another session as a lush warm down. Get ready to stretch, relax and release.

  • 7 Day Challenge Day 6 - Stretch & Relax

    Join me on the mat for the day 6 of our 7 day challenge- Take 11 minutes out of your day for todays focus; stretching and relaxing!