Quickie (5-10 mins)

Quickie (5-10 mins)

Quickie (5-10 mins)
  • 10min challenge - Day 14 - Cardio

    We're going to be flowing through some low impact movements that you can take at a pace that suits you. Speed it up, stick with me or slow it down. Whatever you do, let's have some fun and make it count!

  • 10min challenge - Day 11 - Core

  • 10min Challenge - Day 8 - Lower Body

  • 10min Challenge - Day 2 - Upper Body

    Today is all about the upper body! I'll be taking you through a 10 minute arm routine designed to leave you feeling strong! If you wanted to kick things up a notch then why not add in some light hand weights? 

  • 10min Challenge - Day 4 - Cardio

    For todays 10 minute workout we'll be getting our heart pumping! This low impact cardio workout can be tailored to you. If you are someone who is a cardio lover then feel free to go all out and push yourself on each of the movements. If you are someone (like me!) who hasn't done cardio in a while...

  • 10min Challenge - Day 5 - Stretch

    10min Challenge - Day 5 - Stretch

    To finish off the first week in the best way we'll be taking 10 minutes to stretch and relax. It can be easy to skip the workouts that don't feel challenging but keeping your body flexible by staying mobile and stretching everything out is SO good for you! So cl...

  • 10min Challenge - Day 1 - Core

    Today we'll be running through a quick demo of how to correctly engage our core and then challenging it with some juicy moves.
    There's options throughout to make the movements suit you, so whether you are new to exercise, returning to exercise or just want to shake up your current routine you'll ...

  • March 19 - Short Sharp Lower Body Burn

    Take 10 minutes out of your day to get that lower body working!

  • March 19 - Stretch It Out

    Take 10 minutes out of your day to stretch it out with me

  • March 19 - Quick Arm Burn

    Got 10 minutes to work those arms?!

  • Day 3 Upper Body

    7 Day Challenge 2020- Day 3 - Upper Body. Today we're going to create strong, long, sculpted arms, working our upper body - without a weight in sight!

  • Day 5 - Stretch it Out

    7 Day Challenge 2020 -Day 5 - Stretch it Out.
    Today we're taking 10 minutes to stretch and relax. It's so important, no matter how busy and stressed we get, to allow ourselves a little time to move our bodies in a gentle, restorative way. So press play, grab some space and get ready to chill.

  • Better Back Series Pt 5- Stretch It Out

    For the final part of the Better Back Series we are going to be stretching it out. This 10 minute routine is designed to fit into your day you need to move and feel freer and more relaxed or be added on to another session as a lush warm down. Get ready to stretch, relax and release.

  • Summer Sessions - Day 1

  • Summer Sessions - Day 2

  • Summer Sessions- Day 7