Better Back Series

Better Back Series

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Better Back Series
  • Better Back Series Pt 1- Get Moving

    In your first part of the 5 part better back series we're going to be looking at getting mobile and setting up the all important Pilates core which is going to be vital in building a strong, flexible, better back.

  • Better Back Series Pt 2 - Add a Little Weight

    For the second part of our 5 part Better Back Series we're going to be adding a little weight - if you don't own hand weights don't worry! You can use bottles of water, tins of beans, anything that you have to hand as long as they are even!

  • Better Back Series Pt 3- On the Mat

    In the second part of this 5 part Better Back series we're getting down onto our mat.
    We'll be working through good alignment, with core control to strengthen, lengthen and stretch creating a back that can do it all!

  • Better Back Series Pt 4- Strengthening

    In the penultimate workout of your 5 part Better Back Series we're going to be working on creating functional strength and balance through Pilates movements.

  • Better Back Series Pt 5- Stretch It Out

    For the final part of the Better Back Series we are going to be stretching it out. This 10 minute routine is designed to fit into your day you need to move and feel freer and more relaxed or be added on to another session as a lush warm down. Get ready to stretch, relax and release.